Technology Grants: 

Congregations Taking The Next Step To Share the Gospel

How are Bethany Fellows pastors responding to the chaos of a global pandemic?

With courageous creativity and spiritually grounded fortitude. 

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Few of us imagined the magnitude and length of the impact a tiny virus could have on our daily routines as a whole society. However, in what seemed like the blink of an eye, communities who have been worshiping together in their sanctuaries for centuries pivoted into virtual spaces for worship and ministry.

“Before COVID-19, our congregation was hesitant to introduce new forms of technology during worship. Now, our community is very open to new ways of worshiping and connecting virtually. We are very thankful for Bethany Fellows, and the financial and relational support. It couldn’t have come at a better time!”

-Rev. Amanda Kerr, 

St. Paul’s Christian Church, Raleigh NC

“Words cannot adequately describe what a big deal this technology installation is for a congregation that is 178 years old and that has been worshiping in the same sanctuary since the Civil War era.”

-Rev. Haley Asberry

Wabash Christian Church, Wabash IN

Co-Director/Pastors, Rev. Kim Gage Ryan and Rev. Melanie Harrell Delaney, witnessed early in March how the technological know-how and courageous energy of young clergy rose to the surface as they led their congregations across the country into uncharted territory. They also saw the tremendous amount of energy being lost to time-consuming wrestling with outdated or nonexistent technology. Young pastors were on the long road to burn-out, if nothing changed soon. So, with the help of generous donors and the imagination of a dedicated Board, The Bethany Fellowships, Inc. launched the first Technology Grant initiative.

This $25,000 initiative has provided grants of up to $1,000 for current Bethany Fellows and their congregations to take the next step in imagining a fruitful digital ministry for the future of the church. With the help of Tech Consultants, Rev. Ryan Otto (Bethany Ecumenical Group Leader) and Rev. Nick Larson (Bethany Disciple Alum), congregations found help clarifying what “authentic” virtual worship would look like for their particular congregation, as well as practical knowledge to identify specific tools and equipment that would help them achieve their goals. From laptops and video cameras to updated internet access and training for volunteers, Bethany Fellows Technology Grants have lessened the burden of logistics for young pastors and their congregations -- so that the impact and light of their creativity and passion in sharing the Good News of the Gospel can shine across generations and state-lines, growing and reaching more people than ever before.

“As a solo-ish pastor, I have not had a Sunday off since the pandemic began. Rolling Oaks Christian Church put the Technology Grant through Bethany Fellows toward the purchase of a new laptop with editing software...we now have the flexibility to train more lay leaders to serve through this A/V ministry. This will allow me time for well as allow others to serve the church in ways they could not before! We at ROCC are so grateful for the donors that enabled this grant, as well as the Board, leadership, and all whose work and vision brought it to fruition!” 

-Rev. Sara Nave Fisher

Rolling Oaks Christian Church, San Antonio, TX

Although the pandemic continues to affect communities of faith across the globe, we are grateful to bear witness to the continuing creative courage of Bethany Fellows pastors, both current participants and alumni. For these pastors and their congregations, the Bethany Way of sustaining spiritual practices, support and wisdom from beloved mentors and colleagues, and creative imagining is transforming virtual space into sacred sanctuary.

“Just like many other churches, First Christian Church McKinney found themselves pushed into the ‘Digital Reformation’...We would like to sincerely thank Bethany Fellows and the donor who provided the grant for the opportunity to enhance our digital worship experience. Now only are we able to provide a quality worship while practicing social distancing, but we have transformed the reach of our community to include so many more people.”

-Rev. Katherine Wright, 

First Christian Church, McKinney TX

“During this time it has been important for us to continue to bring the good news of Christ Jesus to not only our immediate community but to the wider Church as well. We have seen tremendous growth in participation and engagement during worship and other ministries, and we attribute that to the ways this grant has helped our ministries become accessible to inter-generational households and others who may not have previously been capable of joining us...During this time in our world, bringing the good news in real time is important and faithful work. I am so grateful for the ways Bethany has partnered with The Park to make this work possible.”

-Rev. Stephanie Kendell,

Park Avenue Christian Church, New York, NY