Celebrating Rev. Don Schutt, 

our founding director, 

with "80 for 80"

“80 for 80”

Celebrating the life-giving ministry of Rev. Don Schutt, the Bethany Fellows invite all who have experienced the wise, compassionate, joyful and sustaining impact of Don's presence to contribute to the "80 for 80" campaign supporting this ministry Don founded 25 years ago -- with a mission and passion to support and sustain young clergy in the first years of congregational ministry. 

We invite you to contribute $80 (or a multiple of 8) in honor of Don's 8 decades of life!

"Don has been a sage, a mystic in my life, who has helped me to know both God and myself more deeply. I have called on him in times of struggle and confusion, and he has pointed the way through with both

wit and wisdom. Don's friendship and guidance characterized the Bethany circle for me, and that circle continues to grow in my life thanks to his vision and care."

- Rev. Chris Furr

(Bethany Alumni, author, and Pastor of Covenant Christian Church in Cary, NC) 

Gifts to the Schutt Fund honor Don and will support young pastors for years to come according to his direction: as scholarships for future Bethany Fellows, for Wise Practice conversations with innovative, vital ministries, to support the new Bethany Congregations Pilot Project, and invest in the long-term sustainability of the Bethany Fellows ministry. 

Donate Now

Mail gifts to Bethany Fellows, 4601 Main St. Kansas City, MO 64112 or give online (select the 80 for 80 drop-down option) with a note marking the 80 for 80 Don Schutt Birthday campaign. 

Make a pledge

Email Co-Director/Pastor Rev. Melanie Harrell Delaney to communicate your intent for a gift. Pledged gifts can be made throughout 2022-2023, in full or installments. We are glad to work with you and financial advisors to steward your giving. Melanie can be reached by phone at 216-385-2908 or email: melanie@bethanyfellows.org

The Don Schutt Fund has received gifts and pledges from the following supporters:

If your name is not listed and you give us permission to print your name, please contact us. Contributions made through Facebook specifically require the communication of your permission to post.